13in by 3936in (328ft) DTF Film Roll (Instant Peel)

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Introducing our premium 13-inch by 328-inch DTF (Direct to Film) Roll for T-shirt Making and Heat Transfers – the ultimate solution to take your apparel customization to the next level! Crafted with precision and innovation, this versatile film guarantees exceptional results, offering the flexibility of both instant hot peel and cold peel transfers.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Film: Our DTF roll ensures sharp, vibrant prints on T-shirts and textiles, providing a professional finish that stands out.

  2. Versatility in Size: With dimensions of 13 inches by 328 inches, our roll accommodates various design scales, making it perfect for small projects or bulk production.

  3. Easy Application: Engineered for effortless application, our DTF roll simplifies the printing process, ensuring a smooth experience for both beginners and professionals.

  4. Compatibility: Compatible with a range of heat transfer equipment, our DTF roll adapts seamlessly to your printing setup.

  5. Dual Peel Options: Choose between instant hot peel or cold peel transfers based on your preferences and project requirements, offering you flexibility and control over the process.

  6. Durable and Washable: Enjoy long-lasting prints that maintain their quality and vibrancy even after multiple wash cycles.

Instructions for Use:

  • Set your heat press to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place the DTF film onto the garment, ensuring proper alignment.
  • Apply medium to tight pressure for 10-15 seconds, allowing the heat transfer process to take place.
  • For instant hot peel transfers, peel the film off immediately after pressing.
  • For cold peel transfers, let the film cool completely before removing.

Revolutionize your T-shirt making experience with our 13-inch by 328-inch DTF Roll. Express your creativity, personalize your garments, and achieve professional-quality results with ease. Order now and discover the perfect blend of innovation and functionality in heat transfer technology!