DTF Black Powder 1Kg/1000g

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Presenting our DTF Black Powder 1000g, a game-changer for those aiming to achieve standout designs on black and other dark-colored garments. This powder isn't just about depth; it's a commitment to ensuring every color, every shade, and every design element remains vibrant and dynamic, even when printed on the most challenging dark fabrics.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Dark Garments: Specially formulated to accentuate and maintain the vibrancy of designs on black and dark-colored textiles, ensuring your artwork remains as luminous as on lighter materials.

  • Exceptional Adherence: Boasting a top-tier formulation, our DTF Black Powder guarantees designs that are not only smudge-proof but also enduringly vibrant.

  • Generous Quantity: With a whopping 1000g in each container, you're primed for extensive projects, ensuring a consistent vibrancy across all your dark garment prints without the need for frequent refills.

  • Broad Application Range: Whether you're working with intricate graphics, bold typography, or detailed motifs, our black powder ensures each element stands out brilliantly against dark backdrops.

  • Streamlined Application: Crafted for a hassle-free and uniform application, our powder promises rapid drying and integrates seamlessly into your established printing routine.

For print enthusiasts who believe that the depth of a garment's color shouldn't compromise design vibrancy, our DTF Black Powder 1000g is your trusted ally. Delve into a world where even the darkest fabrics become canvases that celebrate color, detail, and creativity. Upgrade your printing arsenal and let every design radiate, irrespective of the fabric's hue. Secure your supply today and redefine vibrancy on every dark garment!