DTF Ink 1000ml/1 Liter Complete Bundle Set (2 Whites, 1 Magenta, 1 Cyan, 1 Black, 1 Blue)

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Elevate your large-scale printing projects with our DTF Ink 1000ml Premium Set. Designed for those who demand crisp, vibrant, and enduring results on a grand scale, this comprehensive set ensures every print radiates with exceptional clarity and deep color saturation.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Color Range: This set features 2 White Inks for unparalleled brightness, complemented by individual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, facilitating a vast spectrum of colors and unmatched design flexibility.

  • Top-Tier Formulation: Our inks are meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent flow, minimal clogging, and prints that remain vibrant and resilient against wear and fade.

  • Voluminous Supply: With each bottle containing a generous 1000ml, you're primed for extensive printing operations, minimizing interruptions and maximizing efficiency.

  • Versatile & Dependable: Ideal for diverse applications, from intricate graphics to bold text or detailed patterns, our inks deliver unwavering vibrancy and precision on a variety of substrates.

  • Optimized for High Performance: Our inks are engineered for excellence, guaranteeing rapid drying, reduced smudging, and a finish that's impeccably smooth, enhancing the tactile and visual quality of your prints.

For print professionals undertaking vast projects or enthusiasts gearing up for bulk tasks, our DTF Ink 1000ml Premium Set is the gold standard in high-volume printing. Dive into a realm where each milliliter of ink translates to vivid, lasting imagery. Embrace the synergy of precision and performance, and let your designs captivate with unparalleled depth and brilliance. Secure your set today and witness transformative results in every expansive print!