Highly Flavored Gang Sheet Builder

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Size: 22 in X 24 in (2ft)

22 in X 24 in (2ft)
22 in X 60 in (5ft)
22 in X 84 in (7ft)
22 in X 120 in (10ft)
22 in X 240 in (20ft)
Build your own Gang Sheet

 With these extended gang sheets, your DTF transfers are ready for action with just a heat press. Don't wait; seize the opportunity and make your purchase right away!

Already in possession of a gang sheet file ready for printing? No worries – you can seamlessly upload it using our Highly Flavored Gang Sheet feature.

Product Specifics:

Our prints are meticulously crafted using premium inks, top-notch film, and high-quality Super Soft powder, guaranteeing the boldest whites and most vibrant colors on a wide array of garments, regardless of type, material, color, or stretchiness. These results not only captivate the eye but also endure the most rigorous wash tests, delivering remarkable durability and flexibility.

Plus if you happen to leave us notes during checkout, we're more than capable of assisting with tasks like background removal or other necessary touch-ups. 

Design Requirements:

While we're flexible in accepting all file types, vector art is the preferred choice. For raster art, it should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Our preferred file formats include AI, PNG, and PDF.

Wondering about the heat press you need?

The answer is simple: any heat press will do the job. Our recommended settings involve a heat press set to 300 degrees for 15 seconds with medium pressure. If you prefer, you can even opt for an iron or a Cricut machine to apply your transfers.

Tried and Tested for Durability:

The outcome is clear: our ink remains steadfast and won't bleed onto your garments. We've achieved exceptional results, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Additional Information

22 in X 24 in (2ft), 22 in X 60 in (5ft), 22 in X 84 in (7ft), 22 in X 120 in (10ft), 22 in X 240 in (20ft)